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Why Drama Lessons Can Build Your Child’s Confidence

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There are many reasons why kids should do activities outside of their usual school work. It can help them develop new interests and can be good for their university application, showing that they are willing to take part in extracurricular activities. If your child isn’t sure what they should do in their spare time, consider drama lessons. Here’s how they can help your child become more confident and give them new skills.

Kids learn to work with others

If your child is shy and introverted, then drama classes can be a good way to get them out of their shell. When they attend Helen o’ Grady drama classes, they will learn to work in small teams, do team building exercises and work with others to create shows, all of which can teach them the importance of teamwork. Even shy children eventually get into the activities and start engaging more.

They learn public speaking skills

Let’s face it, not many people enjoy public speaking and it’s incredibly daunting to get up in front of others. But it is an essential skill for life, and drama lessons can help your child overcome their fears by:

  • Teaching them to speak in a clear voice
  • Getting them used to speaking in front of others
  • Allowing them to confront their fears in a safe environment
  • Teaching them relaxation techniques for when they are nervous

Children don’t have to be great public speakers to join a drama group. They will take things slow and build up their confidence, until your child is ready to speak in front of others.

They can make new friends

It never hurts to help your child expand their social circle outside of school. Schools can be cliquey environments, and it’s good for children to make friends outside of the playground to broaden their horizons. Drama clubs are often very close knit, with kids working together to put on shows, so they can be a great place to meet new people. Kids don’t just learn to sing and dance, they also learn to work with others and how to organise a performance, and they often develop close friendships along the way.

Being in a drama club isn’t just for kids who want to be on stage in plays and musicals. It can also help children to build confidence and learn to speak in front of others, teaches them teamwork and collaboration and gives them lots of useful skills for life.

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