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What Makes a Good School?

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When looking into schools in Bangkok there are a list of options as far as the eye can see, it could seem like a daunting task especially when it is one of the biggest decisions you could have to make. The choice of school will determine what kind of experience your child or children will receive and how they are prepared for the future.


Looking into any kind of learning or tutoring, it is clear to see that the, what, where and when aren’t nearly as important as the how and who of the process. Because each student is an individual, teaching and learning is a very personal experience which means that the people who are teaching your child or children and how the program is taught is absolutely key.

The people are what make a school, the teachers, the management and the students, not the school itself so getting to understand the values and ethos of the school will really help in setting a good foundation for your choice.

Types of schools

There are a few types of Schools ranging from Thai Schools which follow the National Curriculum, Commercial Schools which are more aimed towards Business and of course Private Schools whereby there is a choice of curriculum depending upon which school you choose. Private schools in Bangkok tend to offer a more tailored experience giving you the choice of curricula from different countries or religious backgrounds.

Shaping the future

Your child or children are the future and considering that they will spend most of their time at school you will want to make sure that they enjoy their time. A happy learner is a productive learner and will most likely achieve the best results, a change of country or school is a lot to take on and can cause a fair bit of stress. As such it should be a joint effort, finding out what they would like to achieve, sometimes difficult at an early age and we all like to think that we know what is best but their input into their own education could mean that you both have a brighter future.

A good school?

A good school is somewhere that your child or children feel comfortable, somewhere that they wake up in the morning and look forward to getting involved with the learning activities. A place that will encourage their personal growth and success throughout their learning process, somewhere that appreciates them as individuals and treats them accordingly. A good school is a place where your child or children will excel and perform to the very best of their abilities.

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