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Top tips for helping your child with maths

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Maths. A subject that you either love or hate. Most parents around the world often go through struggles where their child is having difficulties learning maths. However, the good news is that you’re not alone and like most things, there is a way around it. When asked, the most common complaints among children who do not like maths, is that it is too difficult or that they don’t feel capable enough to do it well. Unfortunately, this mindset can be detrimental when it comes to advancing in maths and understanding the logistics better. To help your little one get back on the right track, here are some top tips for helping your child with maths, as advised by this pre-prep school in Chesham.

Figure out the cause

Before you look into solutions for your child’s issues with maths, it is important to identify what exactly is making it so difficult for them. Maths alone is a subject that is a little harder to work on and is something that is acquired over a long period of time. It is important to note that struggling with maths doesn’t necessarily mean your child lacks the intelligence needed to excel in it. Instead, it may be that they lack the foundation needed to work through it comfortably. If the foundational knowledge taught in earlier years is still rocky and not set in stone, naturally your child will find it difficult to grasp the concept of maths. Another reason can be anxiety. Those that develop maths anxiety from early on find it difficult to solve problems as simply as their peers do.

Make maths fun

No child wants to partake in an activity that deems as boring. So, when it comes to maths, a subject that quite literally makes a child’s brain hurt from all the thinking, it is important to try and find the best approaches to making it a subject that is enjoyable to complete. The traditional paper and pen method doesn’t work for every child, since everyone has a different learning style. Look into online games or practical activities that keep them engaged.

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