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The Many Benefits of an International Degree Program

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If you live in a non-English speaking country, it can be a real challenge to get an edge over the many other youngsters who are also looking for a great career. Let’s take Thailand as an example, if you study and graduate from a Thai university, this degree will not hold much weight for an international employer, whereas, if you enlist in the right degree program, it would include a year in a UK or European university, plus your degree would contain that all-important word ‘international’.

English Language Proficiency

Of course, if English is not your native language, this can be an issue; it is very hard to develop a level of fluency if you are not exposed to the target language. Students that come from an international school already have language fluency, as English is the language of instruction and when a 5-year old is introduced to a new language, they absorb it very quickly. If, on the other hand, a teenager has no English language skills, it is always an uphill battle to acquire a level of comprehension and this should be avoided if possible. If you want to become proficient at English, enroll in a MBA course (called เรียนบริหารอินเตอร์ in Thai)from a leading Thai college.

Critical Thinking Skills

International college and university degree programs incorporate critical thinking into the program, which best prepares the student for real life experiences. When you start applying for job interviews, you will at some point, have to demonstrate a level of critical thinking skills and without these essential life skills, you would be at a disadvantage.

Studying Abroad

One of the main benefits of enrolling in an international degree program is that you get to study for one year at a top UK university. If you would like to learn more about international degree courses, start with a Google search, which would lead you to a suitable college or university. Then you can browse the many courses they have on offer and make an initial appointment to talk with the principal. Studying for one year at a foreign university offers many benefits, with language acquisition and the experience of living and working with foreigners, both important aspects of personal development.

Active Learning Strategies

When you immerse yourself in an international degree program, you will experience group learning, with a project-based approach that helps you to acquire essential skills that will help you with your career

As you can see, there are many benefits to be derived from studying an international degree program, which includes 1 year of study at a foreign university.

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