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The importance of outdoor learning for children

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There is no better feeling than stepping outside and enjoying the clean air and nature. It is something that is widely appreciated by all given that it is soothing, energising and uplifting. Conventionally, learning is done in a classroom, sometimes sat in one chair for endless hours at a time. However, shortly before that, parents are advised to allow their children to spend time outdoors given the way it helps them develop. What is rarely mentioned, are the benefits of teaching outdoors. To find out more, below is a guide that discusses the importance of outdoor learning for children, as advised by this senior school in Cambridgeshire.

Improvement in physical health

Spending time outside has always been recommended for children. This is because going outside will naturally help children be inclined to taking part in activities that keep them fit. Having regular opportunities to spend time outdoors is essential for child development. Learning outdoors gives children the opportunity to work in a space that isn’t enclosed, with the fresh air keeping them alert. The additional benefit of working outdoors is that children are exposed to the sun, giving them plenty of time to absorb vitamin D.

Improvement in mental health

Spending time outdoors has proven to show significant improvement when it comes to struggles with mental health. Learning outdoors can be a game changer for those who struggle with anxiety as it can be calming for the mind and body. Nature is also well known for helping reduce stress levels in individuals, which is key for effective learning.

Finding true love for the world

By being presented with the opportunity to spend time outdoors, children will naturally become more accustomed to nature. This is because they will get the chance to notice small details that they never would have before, leading to a child who deeply appreciates the world and the wonders it provides for us.

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