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Raise Funds the Stress-Free and Fun Way for Your School with a Day to Remember

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Those employed in any school want theirs to be the best. Some measure this by the high percentage of those who pass examinations, while others might be happy to be seen as a valuable part of the community where kids are given a good grounding.

There’s an undeniable fact that like in many other countries, Australian schools sometimes require some extra money, whether it’s to arrange trips for their pupils, or to build new facilities to benefit all. A fantastic way to raise money is to get in touch with a group that will help with the organising of fun runs in Sydney.

  • Fundraising can sometimes be quite dull, with many ideas having been done so many times that it turns people off, or they just donate a small amount and have done with it. That’s not how it works when speaking to those who will make sure that it’s an event that will be memorable, enjoyable, and inspiring so that larger sums can be raised.
  • Being awarded the title of Australian fundraising company of the year for 7 consecutive years says all anyone needs to know before booking their services, but such an accolade must mean that it truly excels. Well, the secret formula is engagement with the kids so that they have heaps of fun who in turn get the parents involved who then speak to their friends and relatives so the whole thing snowballs.
  • A Fundraising Coach will be assigned to the school who knows exactly what is required to maximise the potential of the day, through working with a team with over 35 years of experience. All queries will be dealt with putting the school at ease without any pressure, while support is provided along with all the best fundraising materials.
  • Best of all it is fun. A Crazy Colour Day sees easily washable coloured powder being sprayed so that all those on the run, and often those watching, are transformed into mobile rainbows. It’s a simple idea which turns a mundane run into something exciting, funny, and captivating that others will want to be involved in.
  • The Big Show might be preferred with the 3 x six-metre-high inflatable Cheetah run-throughs, a Chase the Cheetah mascot, along with feather flags, music and much more to make the day into a mini carnival which can be added to with stalls and competitions to make it a day to remember.
  • Other options are also available, while it can all be captured on Fun Run Television, with the website covering the day on video so all can recall some amazing scenes and happy moments, which also aids the online donations which are guaranteed to bolster the funds.

Parents and school staff will be stress-free as the kids have the time of their lives and help raise funds. The whole event will be organised once the plans have been put in place and a date set, meaning heaps of fun for everyone involved as they feel a special attachment to their school.

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