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Give Your Child an Early Head Start Academically

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You are a parent; you are busy. Your child is young and needs to learn a basic set of skills that will help him or her scholastically. That is why you should enrol your child in an early learning programme that will help him or her hone his or her abilities early in life. While no kindergarten programme is perfect, most curriculums allow kids to get the learning they need to build reading, writing, and math skills.

Better Academic Test Scores

Researchers have found that children who participate in a full-day kindergarten in Bangkok frequently receive higher test scores on standardised tests than children who do not take part in this type of daily activity. That is why you cannot ignore this type of educational opportunity for your child. By setting out the right foundation for your child’s early learning activities, you can prime him or her for scholastic success as he or she gets older.

In kindergarten, children get introduced to reading and start making the activity a regular part of their daily life. Kindergarten classrooms in Bangkok feature words and tagged items. Students read books along with the lyrics of songs and prose of poetry. They also learn their letters and integrate this learning with what they see on class schedules.

Learning How to Read and Write

To build early reading skills, kindergarten teachers instruct children in the following activities:

  • Learning the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase, and the phonetics
  • Reading books and listening to stories followed up by discussions
  • Following words and sentences
  • Recognising and forming words that rhyme
  • Recognising fundamental sight sound words such as my, I, and you
  • Adding or substituting individual sounds in easy one-syllable words such as replacing the “b” in bat for the “c” in cat

Your child will also be introduced to books such as alphabet books. Kindergarten educators often ask parents to have their children create an alphabet of their own from the pictures in a magazine. This is a great way to engage your child in actively learning. Both parents and teachers work together collaboratively in the kindergarten setting.

Children in a Bangkok kindergarten also get a head start on writing. At this point in their development, youngsters often use their own spellings. They may even write mini stories about what they have discovered so far. During this time, parents should not worry if words are misspelled. This is just a part of developing writing skills. Most of the words that children learn to spell correctly are easy one-syllable constructions that follow a CVC pattern. CVC stands for “consonant,” “vowel,” “consonant.” Therefore, these words may include “dog,” “cat,” or “sit.”

When building writing skills, the kindergartener practices writing uppercase and lowercase letters and also learns to write his or her name. Some of the words that are written are given by the teacher.



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