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Exploring STEM subjects with your child

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When it comes to school, your child will study a number of subjects to help boost their academic strengths. Amongst these will lie science, engineering, maths and science, better known as STEM. These are all part of the core subjects taught in schools, designed to teach and prepare students for great careers in the future. However, whilst primary education is delivered in a classroom, it is still important for you as a parent to work through these subjects further with your child at home. This because STEM learning is well known for helping students develop an array of subjects, including problem solving and investigative skills. Working through these subjects with your child will allow them to gain a deeper interest and understanding in them, allowing them to get the most out of their school-based learning. Below is a guide advised by this private nursery in New York on exploring STEM subjects with your child.

Take part in experiments

When it comes to practicing science at home, many parents avoid it due to the impression of it being a difficult subject to work through. The good news is, to practice science at home, you don’t need to be completing calculations or writing up long lab reports. Instead, look at the practical side and activities that can make science more appealing to your child. Simple experiments are the way forward when it comes to this, with the majority of the tools and ingredients needed being readily available in your kitchen cupboard. Outdoor experiments are the most exciting as they allow you to get messy, so it is definitely worth giving those a try.

Allow your child to explore

One of the main aspects of STEM learning, is being curious and using it to explore. Allow your child the opportunities to use their curiosity to lead them in the right direction. Through crafts and long walks in the Outwood’s, your child will begin to see the world as something full of opportunity and life, leading to a child that is thirsty for knowledge and adventure.

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