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Exploring creative writing with your child

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Creative writing is an exciting activity that can be practiced at any age. However, it is particularly great for young children as it helps to increase and improve vocabulary, work on handwriting and of course boost creativity. There are many benefits that come with creative writing which is why it is such a great activity to practice with them. Parents can help to encourage their children through reading and working on creative pieces together. Here is some advice from this independent nursery in Harpenden on exploring creative writing with your child.

Encourage your child to read

Reading is an essential skill that plays a huge role in child’s cognitive and linguistic development. It works on the expansion of vocabulary, comprehension skills and creativity. Reading is well known for going hand in hand with writing, which is why it is a great place to start. Reading with your child often will introduce them to a world of knowledge and genres, in turn, aiding and inspiring creativity in their writing.

Choose a topic that they like

Naturally, children take part in activities that intrigue them which is why it is important to focus on topics that they like when you first introduce them to creative writing. Even if the topic is absurd to you, the idea is to get them to find an interest in creative writing as it will help motivate them to write more. It will also be easier for your child to begin writing about a topic that they already have knowledge on.

Look into mind maps

Teaching your child to mind map is a great way to help them work on their creative writing. Start by putting the title of the topic in a bubble and writing descriptive words that relate to it around it. Ask your child to think in more detail. What can they smell, see, hear and feel in that moment? This small practice alone will take your child’s creative writing to the next level.

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