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5 Reasons Why Languages Should Be Studied in School

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Parents need to encourage their kids to study languages in school. There are many advantages to being able to speak a second language and this article will discuss some of them. If your school provides language classes, it is a good idea to urge them to enrol. Learning a second language is not that difficult as there are plenty of resources online that can supplement learning.

  1. Life Skill

Languages are not just another subject you study in school, it is a life skill that stays with you forever. Mastering a second language is something that all employees like, it shows that you are capable of learning and being persistent with your studies. When choosing a school for your kids, make your it has a selection of languages programmes like the ones you will find here https://niva.ac.th/.

  1. Seeing Things Differently

Learning another language helps you to think outside the box, this is great for kids and teenagers. When you converse in another language, you are forced to adapt to that language to ensure you speak or write correctly. This adaptation helps your brain to think in different ways and it means you are less likely to be stuck in one mode of thinking.

  1. Sense of Achievement

There is nothing quite like mastering a second language or even getting to an advanced level that allows you to converse with ease. Students get a real sense of achievement when their languages skills progress through the stages from beginner to advanced/fluent.

  1. Edge in the Job Market

Knowing another language can give you an edge in the jobs market. You do not necessarily have to be completely fluent, just competent enough to get your point across. Employers look kindly on someone who knows how to meet and greet clients from another culture.

  1. Opportunity to Travel

When you learn a second language in school, you have a better opportunity to travel and study abroad. You can also land some great positions in a foreign country when you speak the language. A language can also combine with any other field for further study or job opportunities.

There you have it, five great reasons to encourage your kids to study a second language in school. If they are thinking about joining a language programme, try to focus on a second language that will be useful to them. Chinese mandarin is spoken by over one billion people, and Spanish by over 500 million.

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