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4 Excellent Reasons to Enrol into an International School

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Moving your life and family to Bangkok is an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience that comes with a slew of concerns and dilemmas, ranging from how to make the big move, to which area to settle in, to which clothes should we take! One of the most essential decisions a family must make is which school to send their child to, and within that decision lies the crucial distinction between International and national schools.

  1. An International Education Can Help You Break Down Language Barriers.

Because English is the primary language at Basis International School in Bangkok, your child will be able to fit in right away if you come from an English-speaking country. Moving nations and schools is difficult enough, so reducing the language barrier will make the transition much easier for them and relieve some of the stress from your shoulders. They’ll also have the chance to learn the national language of the host country, as well as others.

  1. International schools encourage students to think globally.

Our children’s understanding of the larger world and the development of a global mentality is more vital than ever in our increasingly globalized environment. International schools are focused on the global world and give pupils the skills and knowledge they need to be active citizens. They are also culturally varied environments that allow pupils to interact with children from all over the world, as well as teachers that are culturally conscious from a variety of nations.

  1. Vibrant Student Communities are supported by international schools.

When you join an international school’s community, you are immediately surrounded by others who have encountered similar problems, shared comparable experiences, and understand you and your way of life. You and your children will have the chance to meet and spend time with other expat families, as well as school staff who understand your child’s circumstances and are skilled at assisting new students.

  1. Curricula are recognised globally

This is an important feature to consider when selecting a school. Not only would an international curriculum provide them with globally recognized education and certificates, but it will also allow them to smoothly transfer from one school to another if you change cities (or countries) again. The Foreign Baccalaureate* (IB) program, for example, is offered in approximately 150 countries at international schools.

This may be preferable than, say, an American school that teaches the American curriculum or a British school that teaches the GCSE and A-Level test syllabi. The IB curriculum, however, is also noted for being very difficult.

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